About Us

Social Phase is a Social Media Talent Management company based in Orange County, CA. Founded in 2014, Social Phase strives to support growing artists and achieve their dreams. We were aware of the importance of social media and realized that newly budding artists in the entertainment industry were in need of guidance in navigating these constantly changing platforms.  In turn, Social Phase was born. We understand how social media has shaped the world around us today and how it is the best way to showcase an artist's talents in a competitive environment.

Here at Social Phase we will provide the tools and education to make anyone recognizable. Our work is focused primarily on social media, the primary platform for artists to connect and market to a growing audience. We provide a variety of services depending on the artist’s need. These services include website and web page development, online merchandising, social media marketing, and more. We balance our knowledge and experience in the field with practical application to support our clients according to their career direction.

We offer our clients the opportunity to become recognized by offering our undivided attention in highlighting their talents according to their target demographics. Our goal is to not only provide service but educate artists in self-management on a variety of platforms. We will aid in developing a focus for an artist’s potential market, create a follower base, and a foundational understanding of the talent industry for effective future planning with a strategic direction to achieve long-term goals. We use online marketing, social media strategy, listening tools, and other marketing platforms to help an artist reach their desired audience, promote their work, map audience sentiment, and recalibrate according to the changing social media platforms.

When working with Social Phase clients will collaborate with a small business whose employees take the time to know and understand an artist for who they are rather than treating them like a number. Our life revolves around our clients and our goal is to build relationships that transcend the work environment. We not only want client success but personal development. Due to this initiative we are dedicated to each and every client, potential client, and inquiry that comes in contact with us.

It’s just not about what we can do for you, it’s about how we can work together to achieve more. We strategically align ourselves to career aspirations and potential development. The staff at Social Phase are immersed in the social media and marketing industry and want to use our passion to help individuals grow and realize their potential.

Marcky Cox, Kassie Torres, Shervin Tavakoli, and Marcus Canton

Marcus Canton and Kassie Torres